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TJS Roofing and Building Malvern


Are you looking for a new roof? At TJS Roofing and building we have many years of experience replacing roofs, fitting new roofs and re-roofing properties across Malvern and Worcester.

If your roof is old, outdated or damaged it may be time for a replacement. Eventually due to constant weather, wear and tear and the advancements in materials and styles, every roof will need to be replaced in time. At TJS Roofing we use long-lasting materials, backed with a 10 year guarantee, to help protect your home and provide an immaculate finish which will keep your home looking great for many years to come.

There are multiple levels to which a roof can be replaced or improved. As part of the re-roofing process the roof structure may need to be replaced or repaired. As part of any re-roofing an assessment of the existing roof will be carried out and a decision on what materials will be used or re-used will be made. We can handle all aspects of re-roofing including inspecting, repairing timbers, replacing felt, weatherproofing, lead work, completely new structures and replacing tiles or a combination of these.

You can convert a traditional slate to modern derivatives to give your roof a deserved update. Giving you a clean, long-lasting new roof. Or replace modern tiles with traditional tiles to give an authentic and traditional look and style.

Keep your roofs traditional quality but still have a 'new' roof? We also provide re-roofing using your properties original tiles. You can also change styles of your roof including changing from shingles to tiles and vis a vis.

Roof replacement Malvern & Worcester

Complete roof replacement

Roof tiles replacement

Reuse tiles and slates



New roof tiles

New traditional slate

Replacement felt

Replacement timber

100% watertight

Roof assessment

Lead work

Change styles

Replacement shingles

Personal to your needs

Great reroof using our tiles

"We had our roof replaced by Tony and his team and they did a great job. Taking every care to remove the old tiles and replacing them after weatherproofing our roof and replacing our old framework with new timber. The end result looks fantastic keeping the charm of our home but with the satisfatcion of knowing the roof is new, watertight and solid."
Hilary James - Worcester

Areas Covered

We provide news roofs, reroofing and roof replacement across all of Worcestershire and cover all of Malvern, Worcester and Tewkesbury. We can also carry out work further afield on appointment. We are based in Malvern and are proud to be on hand when needed with fast response times and first rate customer service.
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All work carried out is specific to customer requirements and checked with them along the way.
All work guaranteed
We trust in our workmanship and materials and provide guarantees with all our work.
20 Years Experience
Full public liability insurance, multiple years experience and local to Malvern so always on hand.